Advantages of Laminate

Due to the highly developed floor manufacturing technologies, today’s laminates have come a long way from being just this synthetic and cheaper version of hardwood. In terms of quality and look, nowadays laminates are truly valuable for busy families with lots of activities, for all high traffic businesses, and for rental properties as well. Floor Champions service representatives can gladly assist you in selecting the best laminate option for your home or business, provide you with in-home/business free measurement and estimate, place your order in a timely manner, plan your installation process, and complete the project satisfactorily with precision and on time. The following are some of the advantages that should be considered when shopping for laminate:


  • DURABILITY: Laminates are extremely tough floors. This toughness explains their excellent ability to resist scratches, impact dents, and stains. Also, laminate colors do not respond to sunlight and therefore do not fade.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: There is no other floor material that is easier to install than laminate floors. No glue, no nails, and no stables are to be done on the subfloors to secure laminate in permanent position. This is due to their well-made locking mechanism that locks joints together, and once are locked together in place, it stays in locked place and position as long as the laminate is there.
  • LOOK OF HARDWOOD, TILE & STONES: The high image resolution in colors and the realistic feel of hardwood give out the unmistakable look and feel of hardwood. This is also true for laminate that are carefully designed to mimic the look and feel of tile, slate, marble, and travertine. There are as many laminate looks and texture-feels as hardwood. This give customers a lot of selection freedom to choose hardwood-looking laminates at lower prices than hardwood.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Laminates floors are easy to clean and maintain. Please refer to our "Caring for Your Laminate Floors" section below to know how laminate can be maintained properly.
  • EASE OF REMOVAL: At any point and for any reason you want to replace your laminate floors with either other laminate floor or with other type of floor, removal of laminate after using them for many years is easy and cost effective. Also, if laminates floors are removed properly, they could be used again for other areas.
  • LAMINATE UNDERLAYMENT: The polyethylene and polypropylene padding our laminate company uses does not only provide a moisture and vapor barrier for the laminate, it also keeps it insulated and free of leaks. We use the densest pad in the market because it is the best cushion for laminate.

Laminate Floors Installation Process

After you have selected the right laminate for your home that fits your budget and satisfies your taste and style, installation process comes next. Floor Champions will be with you every step of the way to achieve perfect installation of your laminate. On the day of installation, we will remove old flooring and prepare the subfloor to install the new hardwood. In order to run a smooth and error-free installation process, we recommend following this checklist below:


  • Even though our technicians will happily remove your heavy furniture then reposition it back for you after installation is completed, please remove all breakable or fragile items and/or ornamentations before the arrival of our technicians.
  • Unplug and/or remove all electric plugs, internet connections, and surround sound connections from floor and wall power outlets that might become obstacles to the installation process. Make sure to record (or take pictures) of how those plugs were to reconnect them back correctly after carpet installation is done.
  • Roll up your draperies and/or blinds and cover them with plastic wraps or bags to prevent dust, allergens, or mildew particulates matter from accumulating on them.
  • To minimize the spread of dust and allergens into your indoor air from your old floor, it is recommended to vacuum or sweep your old floor before our technician arrive into your home.
  • If your concrete slap or plywood subfloor is uneven, we will even them out so to prevent any unevenness of the new floors. This can be done using leveling cement/float.
  • If there is any remodeling work planned to be done to walls or cabinets in any area where a new carpet would be installed, we recommend doing such remodeling before installing your new hardwood floors.

Caring for Your Laminate Floors

  • Laminate can be cleaned easily by a broom, a spry Swiffer, or by damp mop. This cleaning can be done as many time as you think is needed, but we recommend doing it once a week or every two weeks depending on usage and traffic.
  • Other special laminate cleaners sold in your local markets or home improvement stores can do the job as well. Please read use instructions first of such cleaners.
  • No bleach, acids, or other home-made cleaning formulas are to be sued on laminates. Such chemicals may damage the surface of your laminates and void your warranty.
  • Professional deep cleaning can be performed only by licensed floor cleaners.
  • Ask us about tile manufacturing maintenance brochures and other printed material for more brand-specific cleaning guidelines.
  • If it comes to laminate installation issues, Floor Champions provides customers with lifetime installation warranty on all types of floors. You can always call us and ask for or request information on laminate upkeep techniques.