Advantages of Tile & Stones

The new developments of tile making technologies in terms of computerized designs for colors, precision, and size have significantly strengthened tile trends, styles, and value. For many interior designers and decoration experts for both residential and commercial clients, tile has become one of their top choices and recommendations for its durability, affordability, and modern look. Also, natural stones as granite, marble, slates, limestones, travertine, and sandstone are all other forms of tile that are tremendously trendy, stylish, chic, and timeless. They are made by nature and designed-cut by humans to enjoy their natural appearance for indoor and outdoor spaces. Floor Champions service representatives can gladly assist you in selecting the best tile and stones options for your home or business, provide you with in-home/business free measurement and estimate, place your order in a timely manner, plan your installation process, and complete the project satisfactorily with precision and on time. The following are several advantages of both tile & stones that should be considered when you shop for tile and stones: 


  • THOUSANDS OF OPTIONS: The fact that tile and stones are literally in thousands of different shapes, colors, sizes, and combinations creates an endless supply of choices and designs for consumers to enjoy. Tile and stones versatility in purpose and decoration is looked at by home/interior/decoration designers as one of its most attractive features. Further, using tile and stones can make a big artistic statement about you and your house or business. When you combine this great variety of tile and stones with other designs elements such as different grout colors, intricate patterns, mixed-size layout, trims and accents in glass and/or marble, the result would most certainly be charming and stylish floor décor.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Up keeping of tile and stones is simple and easy. This feature alone makes it one of the most desired floor in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Not much of preparation is needed to maintain tile and stones. Periodic sweeping and/or moping should be good enough. Refer to our "Caring for Your Tile & Stones" part below to know more about maintenance.
  • DURABILITY: When it comes to staining and wear, tile and stones are extremely durable and resilient. Whether in tile and stones are installed in entire house or just kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, they do not break or chip easily. It takes an extremely heavy object dropped on the surface to chip or break tile or stone. If this happened, they can be easily replaced with a new piece, and for this reason we will leave a few tiles for in your house after we finish the installation just in case chipping or breakage happens.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Tile and stones are very cost effective. For both residential and commercial applications, clients can always find tiles and stones that fit their budgets. When tile and stones long life span and low maintenance are taken into account at clients initial budgeting, it becomes clear that tiles and stones are worth every penny. With this being said, it also depends in part on the type of tiles and stones being used, especially that there are a little more expensive and top of the line tiles and stones in the market.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: The raw material of tile are sand, glass, and clay combined with other recycled materials to form other ceramic and porcelain tiles. Natural stones are obtained from quarries of tremendous supply of natural abundance of it. Using tile or stones can reduce energy consumption since it works as an insulator that prevents temperature changes of your indoor environment. In that, it keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • RESALE VALUE: Flooring your house with tile and/or stones can significantly increase the value of your house especially for resale purposes. Buyers or renters would always appreciate new, durable, scratch-proof, elegant, and easy to maintain floor like tile or stones. All this prove to be profitable and can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.
  • AIR QUALITY: Tile is very safe to use because the very high temperature of kilns involved in making tile guarantees that any traces of volatile (VOC) organic compounds are completely abated (burned) before it is put in the market for consumers to use. No VOCs means clean indoor air. Also, tile and stones do not harbor allergens, environmental hazardous particles, animal dander, pollen, organic matter, or dust due to its flat or semi-flat surfaces and that they are sealed properly. For those who suffer from indoor allergies, this cab prove very healthy.

Tile and Stones Installation Process

Selecting the right tile and/or stones for your home that satisfy your taste, style, and budget is the first step to floor your home right. Installation is second major step in the process and Floor Champions will be with you every step of the way. On the day of installation, we will remove old flooring and prepare the subfloor to install the new hardwood. In order to run a smooth and error-free installation process, we recommend following this checklist below:


  • Even though our technicians will happily remove your heavy furniture then reposition it back for you after installation is completed, please remove all breakable or fragile items and/or ornamentations before the arrival of our technicians.
  • Unplug and/or remove all electric plugs, internet connections, and surround sound connections from floor and wall power outlets that might become obstacles to the installation process. Make sure to record (or take pictures) of how those plugs were to reconnect them back correctly after carpet installation is done.
  • Roll up your draperies and/or blinds and cover them with plastic wraps or bags to prevent dust, allergens, or mildew particulates matter from accumulating on them.
  • To minimize the spread of dust and allergens into your indoor air from your old floor, it is recommended to vacuum or sweep your old floor before our technician arrive into your home.
  • If there is any remodeling work planned to be done to walls or cabinets in any area where a new carpet would be installed, we recommend doing such remodeling before installing your new hardwood floors.
  • If your concrete slap or plywood subfloor is uneven, we will even them out so to prevent any unevenness of the new floors. This can be done using leveling cement/float.
  • Beyond that point, our experienced technicians will install your hardwood floors after they have performed all necessary preparations to your subfloor. Floor Champions will provide you with lifetime warranty on installation.
  • Our tile company uses in installation pre-mixed, pre-sealed-, and pre-colored grouts. Also, there many tile and stone layout patterns to choose from such as for example straight, diagonal, Versailles, herringbone, and many others as well. Rectified edge tile and stones are excellent in producing a much higher precision in layout that other type of edge.

Caring for Your Tile and Stones

  • For regular/periodic cleaning, water alone or water-detergent mixture can be used to clean tile and stones.
  • Other special tile and stones cleaners sold in your local markets or home improvement stores can do the job as well. Please read use instructions first of such cleaners.
  • No bleach, acids, or other home-made cleaning formulas are to be sued on tile and stones.
  • Professional deep cleaning can be performed only by licensed floor cleaners.
  • Once we install natural stone, we would seal the surface and the grout at no additional charges so stones become satin resistant.
  • Resealing is needed every 3-4 years to keep resistance to staining at its optimum ability.
  • Ask us about tile manufacturing maintenance brochures and other printed material for more brand-specific cleaning guidelines.
  • If it comes to tile and stones installation issues, Floor Champions provides customers with lifetime installation warranty on all types of floors. You can always call us and ask for or request information on tile & stone upkeep techniques.