Advantages of Area Rugs

Since area rugs aesthetic elements of colors, shapes, patterns, styles, textures, and other designs criteria are selected after main floors selection, furniture selection, and wall colors selection, using such elements of area rugs to complete a decoration project is one of the most effective tools home interior designers use to put a final and a stunning artistic touch on any livable area. Floor Champions service representatives can gladly assist you in selecting the best options in area rugs for your home, provide you with in-home free measurement and estimate, place your order in a timely manner, plan your delivery and/or installation of rug, and complete the project satisfactorily with precision and on time. The following are other tangible benefits that area rugs offer to its users:


  • DURABILITY: The continuity of a given floors covering the entire house can be broken by using an inviting area rug that defines a certain area of the floor. Also, in high traffic areas, area rugs work best to cover/disguise apparent wear and tear areas.
  • REDUCE ENERGY CONSUPTION: Just like carpet, using area rugs can reduce your energy consumption and therefore energy bill since area rugs works as insulators. They insulates floors from losing or gaining temperature of indoor spaces.
  • USTIC QUALITY: Area rugs can reduce echoes of wide open areas floored with hardwood, laminate, tile, or stones. They do absorb sound waves and prevent them from bouncing forth and back and therefore reduce noise.
  • LOW AND EASY MAINTENANCE: Since area rugs are removable and unbound to the subfloor, they can easily be cleaned in and outside of the house, they can be picked up and cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company, and can be vacuumed regularly. Generally, the way that area rugs are maintained is almost exactly just like carpet. With being said, following manufacturing maintenance guidelines is always recommended.
  • SELECTION ABUNDANCE: Area rugs can be purchased already-made with predetermined size, shape, texture, color edge-bound, pattern, and style. Besides this huge selection criteria, any carpet that Floor Champions offers to its client can be made as well in any size or shape area rug. This adds to the abundance of selection already exists.
  • NON-SKID PAD: With each area rug we sell in our carpet company, we provide you with a non-skid padding to prevent your area rug from skidding on your floor and protect against scratches as well.