Advantages of Carpet

There are many benefits that you can gain by flooring your house with carpet. Floor Champions service representatives can gladly assist you in selecting the best carpet option for your home or business, provide you with in-home/business free measurement and estimate, place your order in a timely manner, plan your installation process, and complete the project satisfactorily with precision and on time. When you are considering carpet as a new floor for your home or business, you may want to think about the following carpet advantages:


  • THOUSANDS OF OPTIONS: With our huge varieties of carpet designs, colors, patters, cuts, and textures, we can certainly meet your style criteria and taste. Our carpet company selection is unique and you could always find something you like.
  • CARPET REDUCES ENERGY BILLS: Using carpet residentially or commercially can reduce your energy consumption and therefore energy bill since it works as an insulator. It insulates floors from losing or gaining temperature of indoor environments.
  • CARPET FEELS GOOD: Carpet provides a psychological feeling of warmth. When walking on it, it feels soft, good, and easier on the bottom of your feet.
  • DECORATION TOOL: The appearance of carpet can be a great decoration tool to design space since its various textures and colors can complement other elements of furniture, walls, and lighting to achieve optimum aesthetic look.
  • ACOUSTIC QUALITY: Carpet can certainly provide acoustic effects to your space since it absorbs, to various extents depending on the carpet type and weight, sound waves especially with good padding. Our standard carpet pad is half inch (0.5”) 8 Lbs and is included with any carpet you select.
  • CARPET IS SAFE: Carpet is such a good floor when it comes to the safety of infants, toddlers, and elderly people since its surface is rougher than other types of floors-not slippery.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: The cost of carpet is, generally but not always, less than hardwood or tile. You could always find carpets at costs that can meet any budget constraints.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Carpet is sustainable and environment-friendly material since it can be, once used, recycled to make new carpets or used as fuels for industrial processes.

Carpet Installation Process

Either before or after selecting the right carpet for your home or business, measurement of your area must be done to get you enough carpet without any shortage. This is done by one of our service representatives. On the day of installation, we will remove old flooring and prepare the subfloor to place the new carpet. In order to run a smooth and error-free installation process, we recommend following this checklist below:


  • Unplug and/or remove all electric plugs, internet connections, and surround sound connections from floor and wall power outlets that might become obstacles to the installation process. Make sure to record (or take pictures) of how those plugs were to reconnect them back correctly after carpet installation is done.
  • Even though our technicians will happily remove your heavy furniture then reposition it back for you, please remove all breakable or fragile items and ornamentations before the arrival of our technicians.
  • To minimize the spread of dust and allergens into your indoor air from your old carpet, it is recommended to vacuum the old carper before our technician arrive into your home.
  • Roll up your draperies and/or blinds and cover them with plastic wraps or bags to prevent dust or carpet fibers from accumulating on them.
  • If there is any remodeling work planned to be done to walls or cabinets in any area where a new carpet would be installed, we recommend doing such remodeling before carpeting your floor.

Caring for Your Carpet

  • First, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with and follow the manufacturing procedure/standards to clean your carpet from stains and/or soils. So, once you make your carpet purchase, ask us for the particular carpet’s manufacturing care and maintenance brochure that details/illustrates how to care for your carpet.
  • Generally when it comes to stains, immediate attention must be paid to any spills. The longer spills stay on the carpet, the harder it gets to clean them.
  • To have your carpet cared for and maintained professionally, there are many licensed carpet cleaning companies locally who can help you. Ask us for recommendations.
  • If it comes to carpet installation issues, Floor Champions provides customers with lifetime installation warranty on all types of floors. You can always call us and ask for or request information on carpet maintenance techniques.