Advantages of Wood/Hardwood Floors

Getting new floors can be both a big investment and a big decision for your home. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are turning to hardwood floors to increase and/or add value to their homes. Hardwood floors can be in either engineered wood or solid wood, and each type has its own features and specifications. Floor Champions service representatives can gladly assist you in selecting the best hardwood option for your home or business, provide you with in-home free measurement and estimate, place your order in a timely manner, plan your installation process, and complete the project satisfactorily with precision and on time. To make this investment and decision right and wise when you are considering hardwood floors for your home or business, you may want to consider the following advantages of hardwood:

  • AESTHETIC EFFECTS OF HARDWOOD: Hardwood floors do not only add distinction to your home, but also elegance, class, charm, and warmth. Regardless of the hardwood color, size, or specie you choose as floors, the woods’ natural grains and veins show a true art form by nature that is rich, stylish, and inviting.
  • SIZE & VISUAL IMPRESSION: Hardwood as floors can give a visual impression that your home/space is bigger. This is especially true if the hardwood you use continues throughout your home without divisions or boarders between areas/rooms.
  • VERSATILITY: A major benefit of wood floors is versatility in use and look. Over the years, if you change your furniture and walls style and color, experience has proven that almost all hardwood floors go with almost any furniture due to its natural look. Also, there will not be any color or style clashes between existing hardwood floor and new changes around it.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: The amount work required to maintain hardwood is little. Hardwoods are easy to clean and keep them clean. You could sweep, dry mob, damp-cloth mob, or vacuum once every two to three weeks. Professional maintenance as in deep cleaning is done once a year only if needed.
  • AIR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: Hardwood floors increase indoor air quality since they do not harbor allergens, environmental hazardous particles, animal dander, pollen, organic matter, or dust due to its flat or semi-flat surfaces and that they are sealed properly. This is an excellent feature for those who suffer from indoor allergies.
  • STAIN RESISTANCE: Hardwood’s ability to resist staining is extremely high. If something is spilled on it, it could be easily cleaned. Manufacturing simple cleaning procedures must be reviewed and followed.
  • DURABILITY: Hardwood durability and strength is one of its most prominent features. Realistically, while it is possible to scratch or dent hardwoods, it should be emphasized here that it take lots of efforts and use for a scratch to happen. Sometimes, it takes decades for scratches to show.
  • EASE OF REPAIR: Any hardwood damage level from simple scratch(s), to dent(s), to even big damage(s), repair solutions can be from simple touches and coloring to replacement to only damaged planks. Our Lifetime Installation Warranty can take care of such repairs for our clients. If want to install solid wood in your house, or already have it, you could give it a new and fresh look by using a sand and finish (or sand and refinish) process to achieve a new look. We have this service at a reasonable cost.
  • VALUE ADDITION: Using hardwood floors adds to your home value for both quality living and more for resale purposes. Homebuyers would certainly pay more for homes floored with hardwood than homes with other types of floors than hardwood. So, it is a good selling point.
  • OTHER BENFITS: Advantages of hardwood floors are many. It is of a great importance for clients to search literature pertaining to hardwood, its value, and benefits to make a wise floor decision.

Hardwood Installation Process

Selecting the right hardwood for your home that satisfies your taste, style, and budget is the first step to floor your home right. Installation is second major step in the process and Floor Champions will be with you every step of the way. On the day of installation, we will remove old flooring and prepare the subfloor to install the new hardwood. In order to run a smooth and error-free installation process, we recommend following this checklist below:


  • Unplug and/or remove all electric plugs, internet connections, and surround sound connections from floor and wall power outlets that might become obstacles to the installation process. Make sure to record (or take pictures) of how those plugs were to reconnect them back correctly after carpet installation is done.
  • Even though our technicians will happily remove your heavy furniture then reposition it back for you after installation is completed, please remove all breakable or fragile items and/or ornamentations before the arrival of our technicians.
  • To minimize the spread of dust and allergens into your indoor air from your old floor, it is recommended to vacuum your old floor before our technician arrive into your home.
  • Roll up your draperies and/or blinds and cover them with plastic wraps or bags to prevent dust, allergens, or mildew particulates matter from accumulating on them.
  • If there is any remodeling work planned to be done to walls or cabinets in any area where a new carpet would be installed, we recommend doing such remodeling before installing your new hardwood floors.
  • If your concrete slap or plywood subfloor is uneven, we will even them out so to prevent any unevenness of the new floors. This can be done using leveling cement/float.
  • Beyond that point, experienced technicians employed by our flooring company in will install your hardwood floors after they have performed all necessary preparations to your subfloor. Our glue contains a moisture barrier that is water-proof and prevents any concrete slap moisture and/or vapor from being absorbed by wood.

Caring for Your Hardwood

  • First, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with and follow the manufacturing procedure/standards to clean your hardwood properly. So, once you make your hardwood purchase, ask us for the particular hardwoods’ manufacturing care and maintenance brochure that details/illustrates how to care for it and maintain it.
  • As you follow the correct procedure to care for and maintain your hardwood floor, a general rule of thumb is to pay an immediate attention any spills. Do not leave or ignore spills without care or attention. The longer spills stay on the hardwood, the harder it gets to clean them.
  • To have your hardwood cared for and maintained professionally, there are many licensed carpet cleaning companies locally who can help you. Ask us for recommendations. If needed, professional maintenance as in deep cleaning is done once a year.
  • If it comes to hardwood installation issues, Floor Champions provides customers with lifetime installation warranty on all types of floors. You can always call us and ask or request information on hardwood maintenance techniques.