Flooring Safety And Quality

The flooring business is advancing at an accelerated pace. With so many choices to choose from, how do you know you're making the best choice? We at Floor Champions assure you that we work with industry experts that cares about quality assurance, sustainability, and safe development of flooring products. Safety and quality are the foundation of products we sale and install. First, we cannot endorse any flooring that is not safe and not free of contamination. This means that meticulous inspection, re-inspection, and reviews of products were done properly prior to becoming part of our portfolio. Second, we keep a watchful eye on the analysis with respect to flooring components and their consequence on users’ health. Our flooring procurement requires in-advance examination of inventory prior to show, sales, and installation. Another key aspect of our flooring business is our consideration of sustainability of logged wood and how proper and how much of wood is being logged. You may not recognize it, but the way wood logging is done can influence atmospheric temperature and ultimately people. Therefore, proper logging in terms of quantity, process, and transportation is one that we care for in selecting our products that we show, sales, and install. When trees are not harvested responsibly, the effects of deluges can be destructive. For those in the industry who are conserving the planet and forests from irresponsible logging find responsible logging to be one of the best practices to serve the our environment. From a different perspective, quality is a fundamental aspect in all of our products. What makes us collection stands out is that we hand-pick all our flooring. We select the flooring based on prevailing industry standards in quality assurance and control, the quality of the wood being used, and their uniqueness. Visit our website www.FloorChampions.com and learn more about our floor collections, services, brands we carry, and our some of our finished projects.